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Let me take you on a short journey that will share with you how Martasha Handmade Jewellery & Photo Gifts was born.


My name is Jan and I'm a happy go lucky Lancashire lass. I live in a delightful village just south of the lake district and split my time between living at home and travelling around the UK in my old Swift caravan. As you can see from my picture I have two adorable Jack Russells called Marmite and Pickle who keep me on my toes and complete our small family unit.


Life wasn't always this simple!! Up until my late 30s I had a 9 to 5pm (or should I say 7 to 9pm) albiet  well paid job which may have put the money in the bank but it took away my true focus on living a healthy lifestyle and took away my ability to enjoy the good and lovely things in life.


I ignored all the warning signs and carried on until my body eventually said no more and it did just that for 9 more. In those 9 months I learnt to live again and discovered some amazing things like my family, nature, daylight, true friendships, fresh air, travelling, full days and last but not least my creative energy.


With my mum I took a short course at college to learn the basics of jewellery making and from a small acorn a huge oak tree grew!! I discovered a real passion for colours and quirky things and just love putting them together to create special individual pieces...I pride myself on my quality, finish and service which has proved invaluable over the last 8 years of trading as Martasha Handmade Jewellery.

 & Gifts

The huge oak tree now trades at fairs and shows across the UK, is available in several retailers throughout the north west and is now available online.......................... so there you have it...Martasha Handmade Jewellery was born!!!


One last thing...lots of people ask where the name came from? Well many years ago I had two other Jack Russells who I absolutely adored and they were called Marti and Tasha so it felt right for me for them to be part of my journey hence the name Martasha xx

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